The Project

Using a standardized analysis pipeline, we brought together seven scRNAseq data from technically very different datasets. With the addition of our own novel dataset, we derived consensus genesets for islet cell types that improve over canonical genesets for profiling.


This work is in submission. Please check back soon for updates.

The Application

Explore Datasets

View and download gene expression across cell types for the (7) remapped datasets and this paper's original dataset.

Geneset Summary

View a summary of the consensus genesets derived from the study.

Geneset Analysis

Apply and compare derived genesets with geneset enrichment analysis (GSEA).


Please refer to the manuscript authors for questions about the paper. Questions about the application can be forwarded to

Upload data to initialize analysis.



files will download as a .zip archive

Manuscript & Repository Accessions

external links to the paper and deposited data



open-source application code hirn-apps/scPancMeta